Metaphor Island

Five Guides from a Mountainous Landscape in
Southern India to

Save Life on the Planet


About the book

Researching changes at the micro level of restoration keeping in context the larger picture of climate change and global environmental crises, has revealed the need for global action to create sustainable impact on fragile ecologies such as the Nilgiris.
'Metaphor Island' explores the gap in our understanding of plant ecology, reflected in our lifestyle, daily decisions and policies. This is a gap that needs to be bridged for us to live in better harmony with nature. The book brings to light the ecological situation of Nilgiris, which in spite of its biodiversity is also an exemplar for the kind of unsustainable "development" we see everywhere today. However, the way the ecologies respond to this carry important messages for humankind.

These responses from nature are like guides for us to relook at plant ecology and to the level of changes we need to make to help life thrive. The book 'Metaphor Island' examines these responses as guides providing five key messages from the earth, backed by evidence to kickstart drastic changes for the survival of life on the planet.

How to read?

Table of Contents

1 Nilgiri Highlands

2 The Shola-Grasslands

3 Drastic Change

4 Altered Plant Ecologies

5 Extant Native Plant Ecology

6 Regeneration

7 Decline


Godwin Vasanth Bosco

is the lead conservation gardener and researcher with Upstream Ecology (UE)

Growing up in the vast Theosophical Society campus, attending The School (KFI) in Chennai nurtured the naturalist in him. The lush campus in the middle of a populated urban center was replete with an ancient Banyan tree, a luring mango tree, a pond, snakes, deer and all the twine, branch, bushes and sandpits an adventurous young child could explore. On vacations, Godwin travelled with family to the Nilgiri highlands, his home town and birthplace. Here he traversed the jungle, saw elephants, gaur and deer in the mist clad mountains.

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